Benefits of our Outbound Seller Listing Appointment Setter

This service is made by agents, for agents.  As agents, we know, it's all about the listing commission checks.  If you can keep a handful of well priced, sale-able listings on hand at all times, you will have a nice practice.

Our goal at CYP is to help you earn more money, in less time... Period. 

We do this by helping you:

1. Create you a seller listing prospect pipeline.

Agents tease me often.  "You got out", they say :-)  However, I now sell more than I ever did when I was practicing Real Estate for nearly 20 years.

One of the most important things to you and I both is that we maintain a solid sales pipeline of qualified prospects.  This service will help you keep your pipeline full, so that during down times, you can grab some quick, low hanging fruit sales.


2. Create a secret inventory of homes

When you are constantly talking with potential sellers, you start to develop an inventory of homes for any potential buyers you represent.

Walking a buyer into a seller's home that is not re-listed yet is an excellent way to double end a property and get both sides of a commission.

3. Help you convert seller prospects and appointments into signed contracts

We work with TOP agents all over the country.  Yes, it's a small group of mega agents controlling the market.  We can give you some insights on things you can say or do in order to increase your conversion rates.

4. Decrease the amount of rejection you currently face

Talking with hundreds of people on the phones every day leads to a very high amount of rejection.  By passing along only the most motivated prospects, we will save you from much of that rejection.

5. Save you time on calling hundreds of people every day

Phone prospecting is a very time intensive job.  You load 100 to 300 leads into a dialer, then click dial and sit for about 3 to 4 hours while you listen to wrong phone number messages, voicemails, irate people wondering why you are calling, tenants, prior owners etc.

Our callers identify... real numbers...  real owner/decision makers... real potential sellers.

Even the best prospects expect about 1 or 2 leads during a 4 to 5 hour prospecting session.  We'll help you skip that part.