Outbound Real Estate Seller Listing Leads

Here’s what we got:

1. We call seller prospects on your behalf.  This includes; Expired Listings, For Sale By Owners, Just Listed Neighbors, Just Sold Neighbors or your Geographical Farm.

2. We then Identify and qualify potential listing leads for you.

When Identifying potential home seller listings, here are some of the data points we try to obtain:

  • Motivation to sell; Do they need to sell or are they just testing the market?
  • Are they committed to an agent?
  • Are they the decision maker on the property?
  • Do we have a valid and confirmed phone number?
  • Will this person be selling in the next 6 to 12 months.

3. Once identified, we close for the appointment.

We immediately attempt to secure a phone appointment with you.  This phone appointment will be to determine if you should prepare a marketing package and schedule a listing appointment with the prospect.

IF AND WHENEVER POSSIBLE, we will attempt to schedule a Face to Face appointment with the potential lead.  This occurs about 25% of the time.  

We are very sensitive to not talking about licensed Real Estate topics.  This often results in pushing the prospect for a call back from you, the licensed agent.

4. Once appointment is secured.

Our management team checks the lead for quality assurance.  Once complete, we will text the lead to you and email you a summary of the call.  We will then assign the lead to an automated email drip campaign. 

This will help nurture your prospect and keep you “top of mind” with the prospect while you attempt to close them on signing a listing agreement.